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Since its inception, the company began to plan the construction of EHS management system. The EHS requirements have been implemented throughout the construction of the new plant. The company has passed the audit of environmental impact assessment and safety assessment. Obtain environmental impact assessment and safety assessment permission.

EHS system management policy

Implementation of core values and policies: abide by laws and regulations, continuously improve the status quo; reduce risk and harm, strive for zero accident; strengthen pollution prevention and control, reduce resource consumption; improve EHS awareness, implement cleaner production; enhance social responsibility and establish a great culture.

Vision of EHS system management

Through continuous improvement, reduce EHS risk; all EHS accidents can be prevented; doing well in EHS work is an investment, which is the duty of all levels of the company.

Construction process of EHS management system

In May, 2008, the company was awarded the environmental credit evaluation;

In December 2018, it was awarded the occupational health demonstration enterprise of Yiyang City;

In June 2019, Chengda biological passed the three-level safety standardization acceptance of hazardous chemicals;

In 2020, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system will be implemented. Combined with the actual situation of the company, EHS system with Chengda biological characteristics will be created.

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